Monday, May 26, 2014

Meet You Mondays

So I want to start something here to..well...
to honestly help me.
I have fallen out of touch with a lot of bloggers over my absence.
I have a mile long stretch of blogs I follow,
yet most of them don't post any longer.
Which I totally don't blame them.
I did the same thing.
But that leaves me wanting more!

So I decided to start up a little link up for bloggers to enter and get some exposure.
Are you a current blogger looking to amp up your followers a bit?
Or just to get your name out there!
I want to know!
I want to help spread your word!
You don't need a project, a recipe, or anything else to share.
Just you and your blog.

I also want to hear about some of your favored blogs you follow.
Leave me some comments peeps!
I want to see who's good to follow right now.
I found all sorts when I was blogging every day, and loved seeing everyone post,
and have plenty to read.
Plenty of places to find inspiration for my own blog and my own posts.
I want to help do the same for others!
And I want to learn of who does an amazing job now!

So please, stop by for a moment, link up your blog, and leave me some others to follow!
And then each week I'll pick a blog from the previous line up,
and do a little feature on them!
Even more awesome exposure, right?!

So please, help spread the word and we'll get something awesome going.
Feel free to snag a button if you want, or just share the post somewhere.
No obligations to enter, just wanting to help and get some fresh new ideas up and out there!

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