Monday, June 9, 2014

Mindblock Mondays

Good morning guys and gals.
How did your weekend go?
Mine went well, but I was incredibly busy.
I helped do six dozen Seattle Seahawks cupcakes
and a Seattle colored cake as well for a family friend's 70th birthday party.
And it was by no means a normal little 70th small group.
There was probably close to 70 people there.
It was the most crazy thing I've been to in a long while.
The first large group party my husband and I have been to actually.
[Our 4 year anniversary is next month]

It was....stressful.
But overall I had a really amazing time.
Especially the last ten minutes.
My husband and I had a very small intimate wedding.
Proposed and planned in a week.
So we didn't have a whole large reception, or dancing.
Which was honestly perfectly okay for us.
But it meant we never had our first dance.
And as I mentioned, we'd never actually had an opportunity to have one.
So he gave in on Saturday, and we had our first dance.
I felt just like I did when we got married all those years ago.
I don't know what song we danced to..
I don't know who was out there with us..
I don't know how we looked dancing.
Because I was once again sucked into the way he looked at me.
And all I saw were his eyes.
The way they looked, the smile that crinkled them,
the way that they made me feel like the only girl in the world.
It was a beautiful, special, amazing ending to a great night.

Okay okay, now that I've gushed,
on to Mindblock Mondays!
I told you last week I'd answer the prompts I gave 
[though I'm super sad that no one else did! Oh well! Maybe this time!]
and then I'll offer some new ones!

"What's your least favorite dessert?"
Mmmm probably flan. 
Eggs don't belong as the main ingredient of a dessert.

"What was your favorite part about last week?"
Heh. Probably what I described above.

"The coolest but least practical pet you can think of?"
Ahh let's see.... Either an ocelot...or an otter. Otters rock my face.

"Your guilty pleasure tv show that you would probably deny watching?"
Oh man. I have soooo many of these.
I am a reality trash queen. I cannot help it. I'm a junkie.
I just totally blasted through the newest season of Orange is the New Black
in three days.
But I would totally cop to that.
Mm... Okay I'll admit.
I used to watch Jersey Shore...a lot.
I still like watching marathon reruns.
Don't judge me.

"Do you put any sort of stock in astrology? Why or why not?"
Mm I don't know how to answer that fully.
Do I think my 'sign' dictates my daily behavior and my fate?
No. I don't.
But do I think that horoscopes seem to have some truth to them?
Yes sometimes. As far describing personality types by birth time.
Supposedly. I'm not entirely sure how they work.
And I definitely don't read them on a regular basis.
But I do think they're fun to read and contemplate against yourself.
But as far as much stock? No. I don't.
Mostly because I don't think anything dictates where I'm going to end up,
or what I'm going to do. Astrological or otherwise.

All right, onto this weeks new prompts!
If you do play along, please link back so others can come link up too!

Mindblock Monday Prompts

1. How do you try and relieve stress in a healthy way?
2. What's the strangest food you've ever eaten?
3. Who is one of your favorite bloggers? Why?
4. Are you a wine or a beer drinker?
5. What are you most looking forwards to this summer?

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