Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Sponsors!

Lookie Here!!

Or rather...over at the sidebar over derr.

I have new sponsors! Look at that, I've increased my sponsors by 400% from last month! I'm pretty damn excited. I am working on furthering my networking, and hopefully if I can talk to some of them about it, you'll be having some brand new guest posts to look forwards to!

I follow each one of their blogs, either through some guest posts of other blogs, or through some of the blog hops I've participated in. Each one of them are inspiring in their own way, and I highly suggest you check them out. I'm also quite happy to be welcome Mary Kate back for another month of ad-swap sponsorship!

I've been in a bit of an on and off patch lately, especially when it comes to creative endeavors, and I'm sorry to say I haven't been updating as often. But I promise this month is coming up with some real humdingers! Until then, I highly suggest you go check out each one of them nifty sponsor blogs, because each one of them is sponsoring me, and well, share the love!

Also, I will be talking further of each one of them in further detail on another day someday soon, so yes, will talk a bit more about that as well.

Take care!


  1. Lovely blog you have here.. I am stopping in via Linky followers hop to follow ya with smiles & GFC.. Hope you can stop in and follow back sometime.. I'm Marilyn via ... wishing ya a great evening.. ;))

  2. Aww.. :) Thank you for the shout out! :) You're soooo stinkin' cute! :) Love the look around here lately too! :)

    All The Love In The Universe

  3. Cute blog. I love the color. I found you through Linky Follower Party Blog Hop and am now following you through Linky and GFC.