Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So aren't I a lucky ducky? I found the perfect inspiration for actually following through on a post today! I'm so sorry my lackluster attitude towards my creative endeavors lately. Though I do have to say, exciting things are in the future, including a guest post and a very wonderful feature I will be having coming up! Keep an eye out!

Now, as you know, Imprintalish is one of my fabu sponsors for March! She is really quite something, and I'm quite glad to have met her through the blog hop she helped host at the end of February. I believe there's one coming up at the end of March as well, but don't quote me on that. Anyway, regardless, you should definitely go check her out because she always has something bright and fun to share!

Now, moving on to the actual 'content' of the post today. How pinteresting is basically a newly started link party Lish is hosting. Basically just find a group of things that are vaguely related on your pinterest, and blog about them! So, as I tend to always do when I'm not entirely sure what to be doing with myself, I reverted to make up. Started me a board about it finally, and got to pinning. Here are a handful of my favorites!

1. Brown with a twist | 2. Neutral Liner (Bad Pin, eek) | 3. Metallic Taupe with blue accent
| 4. Purples and Orange | 5. Oil Slick Inspired Eyes

Well I will say, after doing that link tracking list there, which I know at least one of them isn't precisely the post, but more where you can find it, but I can't understand the language. and another is wrong but similar, I will say, I wish people would pay attention to where they're linking to!! I can totally understand the need for 'original source', as more of a traffic and all that stuff. But also, I absolutely hate when the links move to a random search page or just the blog itself, and you can then never find from where the actual pin you're looking for is from. Okay. okay. sorry. Rant over.

Now. As for my make up choices. As you can tell, I'm a pretty big sucker for color. I love vibrant colors, but I like them on the tasteful side. I don't do bright neon to my eyebrows thank you very much. But I'm also a fan of taupes and browns. And one last thing, purple, I believe, never looks bad on anyone. Purple is like my all time favorite color choice for eyeshadow. So! That is my how pinteresting post for this week, and go check back on Lish to be inspired to link up your own! (Clicky the button down below).


To inspiration,

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  1. Thanks for linking up at How Pinteresting!! I love the purple and orange shadow...don't know if I am that brave though, LOL!!! Hope to see you back tomorrow linking up :)