Friday, March 23, 2012

Little Somethin

Hey all you Hunger Games fans out there. I know some of you have probably already seen the movie already, with the midnight premiers and all that. No fair for spoilers! And I'm also sure many of you are rip roaring for tomorrow to go and see it for yourselves. Myself, I am planning on going Tuesday when the crowds are (hopefully) lesser.

But with popular social media obsessed with the movie, and my own thoughts momentarily captured, I decided to throw up a little somethin somethin for those of you who have access to printers (lucky souls). Now, I warn you, I've not done these before, so I'm just playing with something that is graphically appealing to me. Maybe someone else will like it too, and hopefully it comes out all right on your printer :)

|Find here|

Quotes are not mine, but belong to the series written by Suzanne Collins

|Find here|

So, as I said, this is the first time I've given this a go. Hopefully they're nice for someone out there :) Feedback would be much appreciated, and I hope you enjoy your weekend! Looks like it might be a beautiful one here.

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