Saturday, March 24, 2012

April Showers

♪April showers bring may flowers...♫

All I gotta say, is around here, we're gonna have a boatload of April flowers. -__-

But moving on to more pleasant subjects...

It's that time again ladies and gents!

I already have a new sponsor lined up for April, as well as a few repeat offenders. I'm already quite excited! But as I've said before, the more the merrier! I only accept ad swaps, since I believe in extending the community, rather than just paying for a nice pretty spiffy space. I also love to talk about guest posts and other fun things to do with one another, and if you get in touch with me, I'm sure we'll be able to help hash something out!

Also, EXCITING NEWS! I'm going to be hosting my very first giveaway in April! I've already got something lined up, which you'll have to keep an eye out to hear about, but I'm definitely looking for other blogs that may want to contribute! So come and get a piece of this phenomenal action, because I'm guaranteeing it's going to be great!

So please feel free to contact me and let's get to know one another!

Don't you love my new little sig banner? I absolutely adore the little hippo patterned ribbon. Maybe one day I'll share the story of how that little emblem came to be ♥

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