Sunday, March 18, 2012

To Being a bit Outrageous

Hello my little fellow blogonians out there! Today I've been having a pretty fun day just playing around. I wrote up a guest post that I'll be having featured on one of my sponsor's blogs coming up shortly. And truth be told, even if I don't get around to posting as often as perhaps I should, I love doing the posts themselves, or rather, creating the graphics for them. Can't help it, just a pleasing hobby of mine, graphic design.

So that put me in a pretty spiffy mood. And since I'm not going anywhere that I know of today, I decided to play with my makeup. I know, sounds almost backwards, huh? Well to me, I like having nice and classy makeup when I'm actually going to be present somewhere with you know, the general public. But since the only person I suspect seeing me today will be my husband, I decided to have fun. And that turned into leopard print.

View the tutorial here.

Now this is obviously not an everyday look, but for me, it was incredibly fun. I'll have to admit that. And surprisingly? It didn't really take any longer than any of my other more 'normal' routines. I thought the leopard print, yes I did that by hand with liner, would be really difficult. But it's just a bunch of little smudgy spots and 'c' shapes. It's actually kind of gratifying, as suddenly you do two, and it's like, wow, I'm a leopard! Hee hee.

Anyway, just figured I'd share, and pass on the good mood I was having, if nothing more. I hope y'all have a great day, and that your St. Patrick's day was pretty great. I know my husband and I went over to my mom's and had a 'good old irish meal' in celebration of our actual heritage. We had corned beef and cabbage, home made soda bread, and Guinness. What more could a lady really want? Okay, I will tell you, my husband and I are both kind of on the fence of the whole corned beef deal. It's a bit.. awkward in texture. But the soda bread was super simple and gorgeous, might I add. I'll post up a pic here soon, promise.

Have some fun today!


  1. Hi there! I found you through the blog hop and it's a pleasure meeting you. I have become your newest follower! Would love to see you over at my place too! Have a lovely week!
    Love, Olga

  2. Visiting for the blog hop!!! Newest follower of your lovely blog!!!