Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dear Boys: A Trial Run

So lately I've been trailing along, checking out some new blogs, and came across elise at elise's pieces. Her blog is fun, cute, and spunky, and I enjoy it. I also enjoy the sweet humor of the dear boys posts she blogs about each week. I pondered entering my own to the mix, though I wasn't sure how well qualified I was since I was already married. I don't do a lot of boy oogling lately.

So I decided, after some more inspiration on reading them, that mostly mine will be a bit more on the 'what I wish to say' side, and a little less on the 'oh I'm crushing' side. Hopefully you won't be burned by my venom. Heh.

Here goes...

Dear TMI,

Just because I was nice, and smiled,
doesn't mean I wanted to hear about how your marriage has failed
at the same time you were hitting on me.
Thanks for that.

Just No


Your giggles make me smile so much.
I miss them when you're not here.
I love you much.


Dear DB,

I thought our friendship was nice,
and then I learned I'm easily replaceable.
I appreciate the boost.

Wising you the worst,
I'm not your buddy, Pal

Dear Broham,

I love you more than I thought I would.
You're incredibly sweet.
I think you'll change the world some day.
Enjoy your lumberjack hat.

The (cute)thorn in your side

Well... that was refreshing, and oddly cathartic. I'm glad that I had the time to enjoy this, and even though I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it on a weekly basis, mostly because I'm not usually quite so scorned, (haha), maybe it'll be something I can have fun with from time to time. Again, thanks to elise for putting it together, and go check out her awesome!

Feeling like Dear Abby,

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  1. I totally love it when married readers do dear boys posts. I like the different perspective. :)