Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Frankly because I figured why not?

I pretty much adore blog hops, can't help it. I don't always have a fun new thing to throw up and lead to an 'inspiring' bit of information for someone else. My general mindset doesn't support that. I blog to have fun, and whilst I am always excited and overjoyed at more followers, I know that because I don't have the capability of pumping out gorgeous things all the time, or even inspiring thoughts and feelings, I won't be one of those 'high end blogs'.

At least...that's what I'm trying to learn.

But! I'm also learning to embrace the delight of 'why not?'. To do something just because I think it might be fun. Or I find it in some way inspiring my muse. I tend to 'borrow' things a lot from other blogs, such as 'make your own and follow along'. Those are my life saver when I am feeling particularly guilty for not posting up anything 'of my own'. So I'm further embracing it.

So I decided to share this blog hop here on my own spiffy little blog. For those of you who might not have stumbled upon it before. I found it through Happy Go Lucky, but I know a few blogs (first four on the list) host it regularly. So please, do go stop by and give em a shout, as well as maybe find a few new favorites!

Happy Go Lucky

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the follow :) I hope you will enjoy my silly little blog! Returning the follow :}