Thursday, February 23, 2012

Took the Plunge

After my minor melt down last night, my husband and I decided to clean up our apartment a bit. We did every single dish in our house nearly, put them all away, cleaned up our living room, and truthfully, just enjoyed the night together. I had a really good night for how poorly my day started out.

This gave me the inspiration to redesign my blog like I've had in my head for a little while. Don't worry, I still have the old template and buttons and such all saved up in case this is drastically underwhelming to any of you. But I would love some feedback. I truly love the color scheme, and whilst many blogs I see prefer the bright white and openness it can lend, I just felt like there wasn't enough fun for me.

I adore graphic design, and through many communities I'm apart of, I feel like I've come to have an adept hand at it. And while this isn't the most fru fru and strictly professional layout I'm sure I could have settled on, it is what makes me smile. And really, that's what this blog is for. To make me, and others, happy. To gain inspiration from others in the community and hope to share some of my own. And while I want to some day be up there with the big dogs in a following and all that good stuff, I think for now, this suits me just fine.

I'd love to hear what you think, as well as any suggestions you might have. For now, I'm proud to have reconquered something and made it more my style, my taste and something that really speaks about me. Rather than trying to imitate and follow along the crowd of what I think others might like to see.



  1. Well, I'm a new linky follower, so I can't say whether or not your redesign is a big shift or improvement, but I can say I love it just the way it is now. The color is beautiful and I love your buttons. Can't wait to come back soon and be inspired again. We think you'd love See Beautiful too!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  2. I'm new as well so I never saw the old design but I love the mint green! :)

  3. Well I didn't see it before, but I love the simple and clean look you have going on here. It doesn't have to be white to be "open", in my opinion!

    Found your blog at the Linky hop, following you now. Come by Happy Hour Projects and say hello!