Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh who could fortell that it would go so well?

A vaguely organized list of things I'm infatuated with...


This is my guilty obsession in life. And let me tell you, I don't even watch the 'good' reality shows, like American Idol, Survivor, etc. Those don't do it for me. I like the trashy kind. The kind where normal people are like 'oh god my IQ is dropping by the moment as I watch these'. The more horrendous the better. Dating shows are particularly good for this. I just gain immense amusement from them.


This is a more recent thing, though I blame pinterest personally. I enjoy the whole trend of little braids woven everywhere, and there's so many fun tutorials on there on how to do them. That and my hair isn't that long and I can still usually pull some of them off. So! Always a bonus!


I love musicals. Pretty much any and all kinds. I love them in play form, I love them in movie form, I love them old, I love them new, I love them over here, and I love them over there, but strangely not in a box...


Cupcakes have become my new "happy food". When I'm in a really great mood, I always want to make cupcakes. Baking in general has been a passion of mine for a little while now, since I met my husband really. And I always love making things that make him and his friends dance around like little children. It's quite precious.


I will admit... with this particular 'love' of mine, it falls more under the infatuated aspect. It's a love/hate/OMGI'MGONNADIE kind of relationship. I will tell you, I am the -biggest- baby about these things. I cannot watch them after dark, and I absolutely will not watch them without my husband. But there's something about this genre that creeps me the @&#$* out. And for some reason...I continue to watch them...


I enjoy fantasy stories. They can be just about anything, as long as they're totally out of our realm of reality. I think I'd have to say my favorite ones are those that take place in a modern setting. Something about the juxtaposition of our reality and a different 'race's' (for lack of a better term) reality side by side is really intriguing to me.


There's something that's just so incredibly satisfying of getting a random inspiration for a craft, and being able to enact said craft right now, just because you already have everything you need, or at least enough things to improvise what you need. This might not be most people's style, but with my enjoyment of impulsive actions and excitement, well, it is mine. Some of my favorite craft projects are those I decided to just do and finished in a few hours.

This blogpost was inspired by Digger over at Digging Deeper Into Design And... Everything Else! I'm a recent follower, and so far have enjoyed her blog a great deal. I thought this might be a fun thing to do on my Friday morning, so here is my list!

In Constant Wonder,


  1. Awww!! I love it!! I'm so glad you did it and shared the link! This is perfect! :) Thank you! I love getting to "meet" my followers. That's probably the best part about blogging for me! I'm honored! :) Thank you!

    All The Love In The Universe

  2. I Also love Fantasy stories! I am a sucker for super hero movies and films like Narnia, Avatar and the Matrix. Though, reading books lets me imagine it all for myself, so books are great too!! Also, braids and cupcakes are a big YES in my book too!