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Hey to you out there whoever may be reading this, which my number is increasing all the time! I'm up to six followers, I'm so proud *wipes tear*

Recently it seems I'm becoming obsessed with lists, and I'm not entirely sure why. It makes me self conscious if my blog is actually really considered 'post worthy' if I'm just posting lists, but perhaps it's because that's just what my mind's thinking in lately. So, that is most likely why there's this rambling little intro here, so I don't feel like my whole kit and kaboodle has been totally wasted and I'll have you six little readers out there wondering what the hell I'm going on about. Okay, so I'll stop now. Promise.

Onto the lists!

What's Coming Up:

•I've submitted my guest post that will be featured over on From the Guest Room.
though I'm still waiting on hearing back that it was well received and approved. If it's not, I'll post it up here soon and work on something else. I'm quite excited over it really, just because I enjoyed how it came together post wise, as well as it's a simple project but meaningful to me. Anyways, I don't want to ruin the surprise!

•Alison from over at Pig and Paint has e-mailed me her guest post!
It is scheduled for the 21st to be posted up and around here, so you should be particularly excited about that. I know I am, so maybe I'll get a bit more traffic over here and make some new friends.

•Valentine's day is almost here!
I know I know, this one is kind of obvious. But I do have an adoring husband, and it makes valentine's day so much more fun. We're not planning on anything fancy, just a night at home, fixing dinner together, doing the things we love. Drop me a comment if you have anything exciting going on, I'd love to hear about it.

What's On My Mind Currently:

•I'm on my first menstrual cycle solely on my own body's cycle.
Too much? I'm sorry if it is, but I'm really quite excited over it, and I had to share it with someone. A brief explanation. My husband and I are extremely excited of having kids someday, but prior to us getting married, I'd been on an IUD. I didn't have a monthly cycle the entire time. Understandably, since I had it removed, my hormones have been lacking, and I still wasn't having a period. This can happen, I understand, but with my lack of available doctor's visits at the moment, it was worrying me. So I went on birth control, just pills, for two months, getting on a cycle. This past month was my first month no BC and it came right on schedule. So it was kind of a big moment with us. Okay. Moving on to more interesting things.

•I won my first giveaway!
Laura from Along for the Ride hosted a giveaway for three cabochon jewelry items, since she is no longer going to be carrying them in her etsy shop. (Totally check it out, still some pretty cute stuff there for cheap). Anyway, I won! My very first giveaway that I've ever won, and let me tell you, I'm kind of a giveaway-aholic. Before you say anything, hush, I'll start attending meetings soon.

•The expression kit and kaboodle.
I'm curious over it's origins, because I have a strange sense it might have been an eighties toy? I'm not entirely sure, but I'm intent on looking it up after this.

•Blog hops are pretty awesome.
After my fascination with the link party, just learning it, becoming obsessed with it, and now with a lower track of current projects, I've had to kind of back off on them. But now, the wonder of blog hops! You go sign up, get your blog out there, no project to enter required! Yes. It blew my mind too.

•The name and look of my blog.
I'm thinking I'm going to always be self concious over my poor little blog here. Especially the more exposed to other blogs I am. I have a terrible habit of comparing myself to others, and so the more cool layouts and names and ideas I see, I keep asking myself, why am I not doing some of these things? Some are out of my reach at the moment, such as doing things like link parties and the like because I think in order to do that, having a decent following is essential for having any kind of success. But then there's other things, like giveaways, I'm totally mystified on how to start. So I focus on design, which I can control and readily access. So I'm wondering if I should change mine again, and/or change my blog name. Any thoughts?

What I'm Grateful For:

•My Husband
First and foremost is always my husband. He's the most amazing man I think I've ever had the pleasure to know in my entire life, and the most miraculous human being. He's my best friend, and I have loved him since high school, perhaps in a different way than now, but we literally made a pact way back then that if we weren't married by the time we were thirty, we'd get married to each other. Yeah, he was that guy. So instead, we jumped the gun by about 9 years. But I've never regretted a moment, and I can't believe how lucky I am each day to wake up beside him.

•Garlic Salt
Yeah I couldn't keep that gooey stuff up very long. So onto the more mundane. Garlic salt makes everything better, point blank, shut the door, conversation over. Is it healthy? Probably not, especially in the amounts we use it. But we had a really awesome steak last night with garlic salt as one of the seasonings and it was just plain fantastic.

•Fellow Bloggers
I see a blog nearly every day I look that inspires me in some way or fashion. Y'all have some great stories, experiences, and most of all crafts. You make me want to push myself every day to be better and somehow more deserving of being in this community. And I sincerely appreciate the friendliness I've found from every single person I've contacted through the blogs I read.

All right. I think that's all the lists for today. I'd love some feedback, and I appreciate any and all of you that have left comments so far, know I read each and every one of them. ;)

With All My Love,

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