Saturday, February 18, 2012

Guest Post from the Guest Room

All right fellow fans, I've been building this up since the end of January, and the time has finally arrived! Here awaits you a wonderful post by Kate. She has a wonderful blog that I've been talking up since I first found her, full of fun and interesting tidbits and fashion. She is also one of the kindest, most encouraging people I've ever had the great fortune to meet, so I'd highly suggest dropping by her blog and getting to know her!
Hello! My name is Kate and I blog over at From the Guest Room! I am very excited to be apart of Mrs. White's blog today and share a little bit about my creative thought process!

What would you say is your main creative aesthetic, and how did you start/find it?

I have been creative since I was a little girl. I went through many many phases, trying to figure out what my niche was. I wanted to be a fashion designer, then a photographer, then a musician and so on. In high school, I kind of got lost in the crowd of my friends and ventured into sports more so then the arts. I don't regret it, because it really did teach me a lot about myself in other areas that might not be as dominant in my life today.

After college, I actually moved to Australia. In that time, I was away from all that was familiar and I was confronted with having to figure out who I was and how I was going to choose to live my life. This is where I really started to discover just how creative I truly was. However, I also realized just how organized and particular I was as well. Many artists I knew were very un-structured and so for me to see myself as an artist, I thought maybe that structured part of myself had to go. Thankfully, I started to realize that that was what made me, well, me!

I read an article about dancers who perform with harnesses attached to the ceiling. They are limited in some sense, but in another, they are able to move much more freely. After reading this piece, I identified with what the writer was sharing and felt that I was that type of artist. I loved to create with in structure. So, to this day, much of my creativity is very organized and thought out. When it comes to decorating my home, colors coordinate and the layout of furniture is very even. In my fashion, I love to match and I prefer that my clothes fit my body in just the right way. I am not obsessive about looking perfect by any means, but I definitely will notice if a shirt does not lay nicely across my waist or shoulders.

In my writing, painting, DIY projects or sewing, I like to have all my supplies organized and in one area, so if you would take a look at my desk, everything is very orderly. I have learned to be okay with this. I feel much more able to express myself in an environment where I know where everything is. Though, I am not limited to my desk. I also like to take supplies on the go and create outdoors or in places like a coffee shop. I respect and admire my creative friends who have a crazy "mess" of a studio, but I also know, that would not serve me well in my creative process!

Creativity is not reserved only for the un-structured and eclectic. That is something I had to learn and I am so glad I did, because I surely can not imagine living an un-creative life!

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