Thursday, September 13, 2012

4 Simple Goals Before 2013

So today I was reading a post by a good friend of mine, mk from From the Guest Room.
She's pretty amazing, and honestly, is probably the girl I accredit where I am now in blogging to.
She was the first one I ever reached out to in my frail little hopes that we could swap ads.
She was the first one to accept, and the first one to encourage me to continue to branch out.
She has always been SUPER supportive in nearly everything I try,
as well as always stopping by to leave a friendly comment or two.
I truly cherish her.

The post speaks on 4 simple goals before 2013.
She found it elsewhere, and now I'm borrowing it from her.
I think it's an admirable idea, especially since I don't particularly invest in new year's resolutions.
These ones seem much more manageable.
She speaks on these goals making life richer and happier on a daily basis.
I think that most of mine fall under that category. 
Okay, are you ready?

Successfully integrate and potty train Warden.
Also successfully pick him up from Portland, relatively stress free
The day is getting close to when we finally get to meet that little guy!
[Somewhere around the 21st I'm told]
And I'm super excited.
It pretty much rules my mind about every third thought.

Stick to our healthy eating/living plans.
We've been doing fairly well lately,
especially with portion control, which is where we're mainly focusing.
I'd like to try and keep up better with exercise, and I'm sure having a new puppy will help with that.
 Also, we bought seventy dollars worth of ground turkey for 13 bucks. How awesome is that??

Show my husband my appreciation for him each and every day.
I hope to make his lunch on a more regular basis as part of this.
I love making his lunch. Makes me feel homey and domestic.
Plus I know he'll think of me at his lunch period and how much I care about him.
But I hope to begin doing it more consistently and in bigger ways as part of this goal.
He deserves more than I could ever give him, I feel like I want to try harder.

Have a more positive outlook on a more consistent basis.
I usually have a pretty sunny disposition, but negativity tends to creep in more than it ought to,
especially when I'm tired.
So I'm hoping to focus on being a more consistently positive person,
and perhaps especially at work, where I can spread a smile to every person who comes to my window.

All right!
Those are mine.
What are yours?
If you decide to share yours, be it here in comments or in a post of your own,
I'd love to see it!

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  1. Oh my gosh what a fun little treat this morning! You are so encouraging and kind to say those nice things on your blog! Your goals are great and that is soooooo cool you are getting a puppy. As soon as we are able to transition out of apartment living and into a house...I want to get a puppy..or even a cat...but a pet at least! :)