Monday, September 17, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Awesome Info!

Hey y'all!
Are you ready for some super amazing awesome coming your way??
I know that I am! You should be too!
You are, right?

Have you been seeing these amazing buttons popping up everywhere??
I have! I feel like I've handed them out like campaign buttons!
And there's been lots of people asking for all the details for the upcoming

And today is your lucky day because I just so happen to have them!
Ready for this amazing awesome good time?
Of course you are!

Here's what's going down:

Well, basically, it's going to be a unique way to promote just what it is blogging is all about,
Our Community.
We're always looking for ways to help support one another,
and what better way to do it than by having some great times and playing a game!?

 Basically what's going to happen is I'm going to put up a list.
This list is going to contain ten different items you're going to search for. 
They can be posts, pictures, just about anything I figure out before the list goes live.
Which is September 24th!
Then you're going to have one week to search out those awesome things.

While everyone is going to have the same set of things to look for,
people are going to come up with lots of different answers, 
because we all read different blogs,
we all know different people,
we all have different things that appeal to us!
That's the beauty of it!

Then, we're going to do a community link up.
This'll happen October 1st!
I already have some fabulous co-hosts signed up,
and they're going to be hosting the link up on their blog too!
[They're going to be a surprise until the official List up!]
That way there will be tons of places to link up so we can all have a great time!
I'm hoping for a really awesome turn out!

But wait Johnny, there's more!!

There is also going to be a funtastic giveaway!
A nice pack of fun and easy prizes that will go to one lucky winner!
Because come on, all scavenger hunts have prizes!
We already have a few different fabulous ladies giving away some things for our awesome event.

But if you're interested!
I'm still taking donations and co-host spots. 
I think that you can't have too many co-hosts. I want this to be as big and beautiful as possible!
And maybe if there's enough interest and a high enough turn out, there'll be a round two!
Donations for prizes would be super fantastic.
Just small fun stuff that will be an excellent little prize package for the lucky winner.

So are you guys totally amped?!
I know I am!
Can you tell? 

Only a few more small details to share!


LHH Scavenger Hunt

Here's my thuper fantastic button to share around!
The more people that hear about this the more awesome it's gonna be!
So feel free to take one.


If you'd like to participate more than just linking up 
which of course isn't necessary but is awesome!
please don't hesitate to email me!


This is something new I'd like to try just for fun.
I'm going to open up an impromptu little RSVP.
For my own curiosity, I'd love to see how many of you are thinking you'll link up.
This is in no way binding or a have to thing either.
But if you do fill out my little area down below here,
when the link up goes live, I'll email you a super awesome passphrase,
and it'll get you a free entry into the giveaway!
How sweet is that??

All right folks!
There you have it!
All the details you need to participate in this super fly event.
Don't forget, next Monday, the 24th, the list will go live!
I hope to see you then!!


  1. This sounds so fun! What an awesome idea!

  2. Totally LOVING this :) And you, of course!

  3. I love the idea too!

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Did I miss the post about the winner??

  4. Love your use of thuper! Can't wait to join in my first link up :)

    Katie Pea