Monday, September 24, 2012

Bloggy Scavenger Hunt! [LIST UP!]

Hey all! It's totally time for that super fun thing everyone has been looking forwards to! 
  Today is just the list up,
but it gives you one week to get your lists together!
We will all be looking for things that fit into the same ten categories,
but the magic of this is going to be that we all read different blogs.
We are all touched by different things.
We all see beautiful as something different.

I'm looking forwards to emphasizing that, and I cannot wait to see what y'all come up with!
Also, there are some super fab-tastic girls who are going to be helping on this journey!
I have kept their identities a super secret until now, but here it is!
The big reveal!

[click the birdy above for a quick tweet-out about the amazing!]

Now see, what these girls are going to be doing for me is this;
They're going to be hosting the link up on their blogs too!
That way we can have as many people exposed to it as possible!
I want this to be a communal sharing thing, 
and as such have recruited these awesome ladies to help spread the word!
Now, onto the other part of the awesome reveal!
The reveal of what y'all will actually be searching for!
Are you ready?!

[easy tweet the list ;) ]

So now you have just about everything you could possibly need!
Don't forget that the link up will happen
That gives you a week from now to go through your blogs to find some stellar answers.
I seriously can't wait to see what y'all come up with!
Also, the link up and giveaway will be up for about a week.
This'll give you a little time to make sure you can come have fun and participate!
And oh yes, about the giveaway,
It's not too late to earn your free entry with that little RSVP.

Also, in case you're interested and haven't found one yet,
here's a button to share the love!

LHH Scavenger Hunt

Prizes will be announced Monday with the link up,
as well as the availability of winning them!
Thanks to all in advance who come and participate!
I look forwards to seeing you ALL there!!


  1. So excited about this!! Posted about it on the blog last night. :)

  2. I can't waitttttttttt! I tell Joe every night how excited I'm getting. Why can't it just be the 1st already! I can't wait to see waht everyone found. We have to do this again for sure