Monday, September 10, 2012

Confessions of a Gamer Wife: MAKEUP STYLE!

Howdy doody folks!
Ohmagosh it's been so long since I've
A) posted
and even longer since I

It's been a popular series, 
(when I've had the chance to do it)
and so I'm happy to be able to put together something for you guys today!

Now, it's not so much a blog thing as a video thing!
It's not a vlog, sorry, I haven't gotten the confidence to just blather on without doing something yet.
So it's a makeup tutorial!
I've never done one before,
nor have I ever edited video before, so be kind kay?

So first off, here's the video:

Now. Let me explain to you just why this is a gamer wife moment.
There's a few reasons actually.

This makeup is based on a character from the SyFy channel.
Yes, the SyFy channel. A channel I would have never even considered watching before my husband.
She's from a show called Warehouse 13.
And I can't beleive I'm saying this, but if you ever get the chance,
watch it.
It's good.

So yeah, there's one of the reasons I know that this is greatly influenced by my husband.
The other main reason is the fact that, in the end, I mention I do indeed have an Asari look.
In case you don't know what that means, let me enlighten you.

That is an Asari. It's actually Liara, whom the look is based off of.
She's a character from my husband's favorite video game, Mass Effect.
The fact that I, indeed, have done my makeup in the style of one of these fine blue babes,
does indicate just how far into the nerdome folly I have fallen.

I think they should make meetings for this.
For serious.

Also, as a side note, a slightly less geeky [though still geeky thing] that is in this video,
which you can see in the preview,
is my glow in the dark mustache collage on my little jut out of my bedroom ceiling.
Yeah, that's what that is.
You should be damn envious, you should.
We just put them up last night, and they amuse me greatly.
Though my husband is my reason for my mustache obsession.
He does indeed have an inspiring mustache. He's actually been told those exact words.

[that was taken at the Casey James/Rodney Atkins Concert. You should be so jealous. 
It was AH-mazing]

But see what I mean about the mustache?
He so pulls it off, right?

So this is the conclusion of said gamer wife moment.
I know it's not my most well written post,
mainly because the majority of it is about a video,
in case you ever wondered what I act like,
or how I actually talk,
or any of that business that I often wonder about my fellow bloggers,
there you are. There's your shining example.

I hope your days have been happy and grand,
and that you stop by and visit again!

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  1. I always love putting a voice with the face!