Saturday, January 28, 2012

What did I wake up to this morning?

One word. Awesome. That is what I woke up to today, awesome.

So many great things are happening in the works of my blog, and it has me so excited! So I had to just rush on over here and fill you in all about them.

Before I start on that, I have to backtrack just a moment. Last night for dinner I made a meal that I was actually rather proud of. Something that I had a base recipe for, but didn't have everything, so I improvised. And it still turned out pretty dang good I'd say. The base recipe can be found here.

But my problem was, I didn't feel like having to baby the stuff for an hour and a half on my stove, not to mention my stove isn't really big enough to support our fry pan and large pot. (Don't ask, my apartment's kitchenette, is made of disappointing stuff). I also didn't have any beef broth or beef bouillon. So I was left trying to decide just what to do about it.

Turns out I did something pretty yummy with it, if I do say so myself. After browning the meat, we plopped it in a bake pan, and covered it with a can of beef and barley soup, since this is pretty much the only way we eat soup, as partial to sauces. Then we added some frozen carrots and peas we had lying around from...some point.. and milk to top it off and give it some added moisture. Covered over it in tin foil, stuck it in the oven for about an hour, maybe a bit longer, at 350. And seriously? It was really nummy!

The dumplings were a bit salty for my taste, but they were pretty good in amidst the meat and juices. I'd never made them before, and aside from them attempting to boil over several times, they turned out pretty good. Kind of like slimier boiled bisquits. This being said, I'd never actually even eaten dumplings, so I'm not entirely sure that's how they were supposed to be, but it worked for us.

For dessert, I conquered these bad boys, which I found over pinterest. Duh. They are sooo good. I'm actually nibbling on some now as I write this. And where I thought they might be a bit time consuming, it wasn't too bad, just make them in between dinner bits, since they have to chill, and it worked out pretty nicely.

OKAY! Now, back to what I was teasing you with before. What's so great about my blog today!

First! My pelmet boxes project pulled a top ten mention over at the CSI project's project link up! It was the first time I'd ever entered it, but boy am I proud! I even get this neat little button that I have displayed on my 'special mentions' page, another new addition to the blog bar. So yes, go look and say 'awww man that's so cool'. Well.. It made my morning anyway.

But wait! It gets better! Starting in February, I'm going to be having my very first guest posters! Alison, from over at Pig and Paint, (I just love that name) is coming over to guest post about I believe a new knick knack series she's doing. She'll be sharing with us something truly spectacular I'm sure!

Another guest poster that I'm fabulously excited about is Kate from From the Guest Room! If you are unsure about either of these fabulous bloggers, you should really check them out! I contacted Kate about an ad swap, doing my first sponsorship this month as well, ain't it great? I'm not entirely sure what she'll be guest posting about, but that's part of the surprise! Get this, I might even be guest posting on -her- blog! That was a mind blower.

Both Kate and Alison hold a good root in faith, which I am slowly beginning to explore again. I've had some rough experiences in my life with religion and spirituality, things that were forced and made awkward, so I have this incredibly annoying habit of deflecting with sarcasm any time it gets brought up. But I think what attracted me to both these blogs was that common link, because it makes for a beautifully warm and welcome atmosphere on their respective blogs. I'm really excited to have them both, and I hope y'all are too!

Well, I think that is all I have to share today. But it was a lot, wasn't it?! I got all that great news upon waking this morning, so yes, I hope it all goes as grandly as I'm hoping. Also, am going to be adding a page in a moment here that is going to talk about sponsorship for my blog. I know it's a real up and comer, but maybe somebody will be interested in it! I know I found it to be an awesome idea, so thanks to Kate for the inspiration!

Until next time!

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