Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tutorial Reviews

Hello everyone!

Lately I've been doing a bit of puttering around, nothing too exciting, due to my own life not giving me much creativity to work on my own personal projects that I'm creating. Instead, I've been fiddling around with little odd projects that I find on tutorials on other wonderful people's blogs. Today I figured I'd get a post out about them, show you my results, give you a bit of a feedback to let you know what I thought of them. So, without further adieu...

Snickerdoodle Cookie Cupcakes

Cupcakes have turned into my "happy food". When I'm feeling particularly joyous, this is what I always turn to. (Always being I've made two batches, but hey, I live for the moment). On the link parties I've been devoting myself to, I kept seeing recipes for snickerdoodle cupcakes or cakes, and they are my absolute favorite cookies, so I knew I was destined to try. But the problem was, the recipes I were finding required something I didn't have, cake flour. I also didn't have cornstarch or the confidence to substitute normal all purpose flour for this. So, I stumbled around until I found this absolutely decadent recipe.

The tutorial/recipe was quite easy to follow, and I loved the idea of the cookie in the bottom. My husband helped me put them together, which is something I'm always eager and happy to be able to do. He did the cookie bottoms, then I went around behind him with the cupcake batter. It was sweet and fun. I also only had about half of the cream cheese the frosting asked for, so I halved the recipe, and with twelve cakes, I still had plenty. These things turned out absolutely scrumptious. I think they are probably my favorite thing I've ever made. Picture a cinnamon roll and a snickerdoodle cookie all mashed up into one sinful concoction. That's what these made me think of. I urge you to try them, you won't regret it!

Sweet & Skinny Ruffled Headband

This is a project I've had my eye on for some time. I love the vintage ruffled feel that Bev over at Flamingo Toes provides. But I took this project pretty much as an inspiration, not as a direct tutorial, because I loved the satin flowers I'd been seeing as I was browsing places. I had the urge to try it, and plus I'd left my favored headband over at my mother's house, so decided to whip one of these up.

A very easy tutorial to follow, easy project to complete. I used a piece of elastic I had laying around for the connector rather than the two hairbands she suggested, mostly because I don't have hairbands around the house. It is probably the most comfortable headband I've worn, and plus, custom tailored and designed, what more could a girl ask for? All in all, I'm never let down by Flamingo Toes projects, as proved by my final tutorial review below.

Romantic Ruffled Bracelet

Another one from Bev, I actually started this project shortly after I finished the bird art that I had originally found with Flamingo Toes. But since I didn't have a hand needle at the time, when it came to embellishing in the center of the flower, I had to put it on hold. Well I finally finished it, and am quite happy with how it turned out.

I do have to say this one was a little tougher, mainly because part of it I read wrong, and then with the actual forming of the flower, it was just mentioned of 'fool with it until you get it'. The more I do crafts, the more I understand that this is sometimes the only way you can describe it. But it was a bit rough going into it as my second craft project in some time. But other than that, I really enjoyed it, and really love how it came out. I can't wait to wear it, though I'll have to wait until this ice storm has passed us to properly show it off I'm thinking. Boo.

But that's all for this week, and I hope that someone can find inspiration in these tutorials, for they worked out really beautifully for me.

'Til next time!

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