Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keeping it like a Newlywed

For a long time I've thought about finding a place that I can write down things that I've found in my marriage that I absolutely delight in, that maybe other people might too. Tips as you would, perhaps? I know that my husband and I have hardly been out of the chute so to speak, but what better time to start than now? We've survived several things in our relatively short time together, including unemployment for nearly half a year and spending twenty four hours a day together that entire time. My mom is still amazed that we had no problem with this. So, I think maybe now would be a good time to indulge myself, and as such, I'll be posting little tid bits from time to time amongst my crafts.
So, for the infamous tip number one.
Three Hundred Sixty-Five Ways I Love You
In reality, that's just a superfluous name I've arbitrarily decided to assign to the fact that each and every day my husband goes to work, he sends me a long text message in the parking lot of his job. I honestly believe that he leaves early just to ensure he can. Even when he's running late, he makes sure to shoot something. In this day and age of technological...well..everything... there really is no excuse not to somehow show you care throughout the day, each and every day. In some small way. I'm not always awake when he sends them, because I'll be the first to tell you, I love to sleep. But he never fails. It truly makes me feel special, and always cherished. When I'm conscious enough upon receiving, I tend to send something back in kind, but even if I don't, he knows he makes me smile, and that gets him through the day, or so he says.
I've seen some other ways this could be accomplished, and most recently, a picture of a chalkboard with the message 'I love you because...' already printed on it. On your way out the door, why not scribble a quick sentiment for your loved one to wake up to when they're dealing with getting the kids off to school? I thought the idea was sweet, almost considered doing it myself, but then realized, shortly before writing this blog, that I already had such a thing set up and it worked for us.
I'm still thinking perhaps one day of starting a book, recording each day what he sends, and compiling it into a cute little coffee table read, perhaps only for personal benefit. But then again, there's little things like that out there everywhere. Surely someone might enjoy it. A few wonderful examples, snatched from here and there...
You are truly a wonderful woman and the light and love of my life. You make me myself, and a better version of it.

You lift me up and keep me strong against everything the world can throw at me, and I am eternally grateful for your love.

The day we came together is the day I started the rest, and the best part of my life.

I'm sure my husband will be a beautiful shade of crimson when he realizes I've posted those, but I just wanted to give y'all some shining examples. Wouldn't anyone love such a beautiful wake up call? Anyway, yes, take a moment out of your day, work it into your routine, to continue to assure your partner in life that you cherish and care for them. A simple sentence a day will make the world burn brighter.

Romantically Invested,

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