Friday, April 13, 2012

Guest Post: Tricia @ Mama Marchand's Nest

It's another exciting guest post here at Little Homemade Housewife. Tricia from Mama Marchand's Nest, another one of my lovely sponsors, is here to spread a little love and wisdom from her time in the blogosphere. Sit back and get rich in more inspiration and how it all started!


Hi, Little Homemade Housewife readers! I'm delighted to be guest posting for Mrs. White today. I’m Tricia and I blog at Mama Marchand’s Nest. Mama to my daughter, N, and witty wife to the hubs, I write honestly about mamahood, marriage, faith, fashion, health, and a little bit of just about everything else. I also have an Etsy shop, Mama’s NestDesigns, and it is filled with new & upcycled handcrafted jewelry and every piece is made with love.

When Mrs. White posed the question, "what would you say is your main creative aesthetic, and how did you start/find it?" I had to chuckle because I think I've tried every creative medium that exists! I started out in paper, creating stationary and greeting cards using rubber stamps, embellishments, embossing, and mulberry paper. I happened to be working at a gift shop that sold all of that so I ended up creating sample cards to show what you could do with the supplies that we had in stock. To be honest, I miss this and writing about it makes me want to start that up again!

From there, I discovered my love for painting on canvas in a college art class so I dabbled in that for a bit. That led to making mixed media collages with good old fashioned mod podge, scrapbooking, and then started making jewelry, after coming to terms with my addiction to accessories.

That's the creative aesthetic that stuck. I create jewelry for my Etsy shop with upcycled elements (beads, spacers, etc) from my own jewelry collection. Friends and family members often send me surprise packages of broken jewelry or items they never wear and it's like Christmas to me! I take them apart and use those, along with new elements (beads, charms, chains, etc), to create something unique. I have to tell you - I do a little happy dance and get a goofy smile on my face when I get an email that someone bought an item from my shop. Not only is it INCREDIBLE that other people like what I make but I also happen to love the fact that I can create something to match any outfit I wear. An extra bonus!

Thanks, Mrs. White, for sharing your creative space with me today! Have a great weekend, folks, and be sure to hop over to my blog and say hello. Hugs!

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