Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Gab and Empowerment

Hey everyone! I know it's been a bit slow around these parts so far into April. I had a bit of a project scrap since my jumpsuit I worked so hard on decided not to fit. I'm still proud of all the steps I learned in making it, such as pockets and putting together a pair of shorts. And an elastic back panel that was pretty fun. but other than that, I've, unfortunately, not had much going on.


Coming up this week :

• Lish is guest posting tomorrow! So be sure to peek back on that!
•Tricia from Mama Marchand's Nest is guest posting Friday. Another exciting inspiration overhaul.
•My very first giveaway is this weekend! I have a really exciting prize all lined up for ya, and some free ad space is up for grabs as well!

Ahem...Now. Moving on to some updates.

I wanted to share this darling easter cake I did. I got the inspiration from Chrissy over at The Taylor House. I saw the idea, and I knew my mom and I had to tackle it. This is how it turned out!

Now we didn't do a whole lot of research on what recipes were used on the cakes we looked at, so we did an oreo cookie cake, and it turned out really really good. Also, all that you see on there was edible, save for the ribbon. We added the ribbon just to ensure that the kitkats would stay up while it froze into a good spot, that and we had to travel an hour with it in our trunk. We thought it added a sweet touch. And everyone seemed to really love it.

But that's not all I did on Easter...

"Your hair looks like an easter egg!"

I personally think that if Frenchie had been trying to make it in this day and age in the hair biz, she woulda done just fine. But you know, I always loved her anyway. (Such a grease lover).

But yes, my scalp still itches a bit from the bleach, but other than that, I'm content as can be!

Also, two of those pics today are from right after I worked out. Now, women don't typically do this. Hell, I don't typically do that hehe. But I'm thinking this morning, perhaps with a renewed sense of confidence and goal in mind, I'm definitely about trying to improve myself. I'm trying to get on the right track to do so physically, but I'm also all about doing it mentally as well. Like we're always hesitant to open our living room window when we work out, because someone might see us. But I'm also beginning to get more comfortable with the frame of mind that, so what if they see us? We're doing something good for our bodies. I'd say that's nothing to hide behind.

So I'm focusing more on loving the real me now, as well as working towards a me I can love even better in the future!

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  1. I am so excited that you made this! Thanks for letting me know! Wasn't it super easy and so cute?!