Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Pie

So. My whole inspiration for my blog was a friend of mine upon an online community showing me hers. So, this pie is directly taken from hers. I don't have pictures of my creating process, and she has excellent ones, so feel free to go visit hers!

The original recipe is from Martha Stewart, and it is a pear and raspberry pie. Cute and pink for valentine's day. Unfortunately, raspberries aren't in season right now, and I didn't buy pears ahead of time to let them ripen. So, for my pie, I used canned pears and frozen raspberries. My pies turned out really yummy, I ended up making one for my mom and dad too since I went over and used their awesome big kitchen to bake at, something I do often. The crust also reminded me of those little fruit pies you can get at grocery stores and gas stations, little pocket pies. I found them incredibly yummy.

My hearts were hand crafted, since I didn't have cookie cutters, and this is the other version opposite of the one featured in sweetdreamer's blog, but I enjoyed it, and my husband found it really cute. Which, is the most important, yes?

For the original recipe, visit here!

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