Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quilted Lazy Days Tote

Hi again y'all. So far I've got some good feedback from my online community that I'm apart of, which really encourages me to keep going. So, this project I put together was my very first quilting project I've ever done. I thought it seemed fun, and I got it by googling "projects to use scrap fabrics". Since I had a few built up. though not nearly enough, since I ended up going out and buying fabric anyway. Oh well.

The instructions I followed were on the Better Homes and Gardens website, which, you should go visit since they are having a really good deal on a one year or two year subscription with a free cookbook, which I happily scooped right up.

To view the instructions, simply go here!

So, like I mentioned before, we were having trouble with our camera, so I didn't get pictures of the process, but here is my finished copy. I was quite quite proud of it, and intend to give it to my mother, since I don't really carry handbags.

It wasn't too terribly difficult of a project, though it did take some time to cut and sew all the little square and triangle pieces that made up the quilting pattern. But I enjoyed it, and it kept me busy. I hope it inspires someone, and someone else has a good time with it like I did.

Next project!

I just had fun with a killer sale at Joann's Fabrics, and bought ten simplicity patterns for ten dollars. Quite a savings. So I will have my hands full for a while, intermittently, since occasionally I do need to return my mother's sewing machine. So, my next project is a tunic style shirt with a wine colored stretch jersey knit material. I'm really looking forward to doing this one, since it's the first piece of clothing I've actually made for myself. So, we'll see how it turns out, and I promise to take lots of pictures!

Until next time.

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