Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Giveaway Reminder & Bargain for Your Help!

I wanted to give a quick reminder, first and foremost, of the awesome blog makeover giveaway I'm holding in order to dig my fingers back into the fun of designing and gaining creative outlets once more at my fingertips!
There's not too many entries yet so high value on you in order to win! 
Besides, who couldn't use a fresh face for the new year?

But that's not the only hope I have with today's post! 
There's also another offee I'd like to provide to really however many would enjoy it!
You see, I'm a dedicated cake maker. I love making cakes for all occasions, 
and while I'm working on making an entry into the local market here, 
I've been searching for a way to connect those skills outwards as well to a more diverse community.
As such, I've found a way to do so bu providing cupcake (and possibly eventually cake toppers) custom made from fondant! 
Isn't that awesome? 
I hope you think so, because I'm absolutely excited.
Now. Here comes my offer to you!

I'm looking for people with a need and an idea of what they may be desiring for such an occasion.
And what I'd provide is a discounted rate to make you your toppers so I can build my portfolio! 
I do offer some show based ideas so far
(Paw patrol and Sofia the First thus far)
But I'd also love to do any theme that fits your party! 
[A dozen run around $20 normally, so we may work something out as much as 50% off depending on the design! ]
Nautical? Sea life? Mustaches? Ducks? Rain clouds? Initials? 
The limits are endless and I'm open to nearly any suggestion should you be interested in helping me out!

If interested, please leave a comment here with your email or get in touch with me directly through etsy!  Even if you're unable to order currently, I'm always open to ideas for themes! Go ahead and leave me some inspiration!
I look forwards to hearing from everyone and hope you are enjoying a quiet day like my family is! 
[Even if I am the only one not sick]

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