Saturday, January 24, 2015

Random Super Secret [But Not Really] Blog Makeover Giveaway

So I know it's been entirely enough time by now that most of you have moved on.
I'm surely guilty of the same novelty if one of my blogs I follow goes offline for a long period of time.
Besides, I feel as if my words are most likely echoing to deaf ears.
But I find myself simply at a loss for creative outlet.

I have several fingers in several different pots, as it were,
currently trying to circulate myself for exposure to wage war on a creative craft once more.
And so far?

Yup. Big ol' goose egg. My ventures have turned up next to diddly.
Meaning squat.
I know this is most likely my own fault for not being outspoken enough.
Involved in enough networking, 
both locally and non locally,
to really get things off to a progressive start.
Mainly because I have this awful habit of not believing in myself,
and so, I don't tell people I know about my personal ventures,
that way if it doesn't work out?
No one has to know!
Genius right?
Cept not so much.

So I'm looking to get back on the map graphic design wise.
I dabbled and did some really awesome layouts for people, 
and my graphic skills and understanding of coding have only improved from there.
So I figured one way to get back into the public eye,
so to speak, is to...

That's right, my need is your gain.
Below you'll find TWO opportunities to win yourself a free blog makeover.
[I haven't experimented with wordpress much yet, but given the opportunity, I'd love to try it!]
Just follow the typical instructions below and get yourself some entries!
Look forwards to seeing and hearing from all of you!

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