Thursday, October 17, 2013

In the swing of things..

Well... here we are again ladies and folks.
Once more, I've opened up the page to my poor neglected blog, and wondered what if?
I remember how much I've enjoyed blogging in the past. And how much I've missed it here and there, just sharing things, sharing ideas, listening to others, being linked together in this big huge community. That sense of community is one of my most treasured things that drew me to blogging. I think that honestly a lot of us are always looking for that.

Not to mention I go through pinterest still for recipes mainly, and I come across all these pretty blogs again and I think to myself...dear I miss my own pretty page. 
Updating it, changing it, letting it reflect the movements of my life.
And boy have there been movements!
I think a lot has changed since our last meeting, dear reader.

My sister has long since moved out on her own again. She seems to have gotten onto her feet, roughly, though perhaps not in the same way I would have preferred it. But it was a good way for her to get back out there on her own. Which was good timing on all our parts. I know my husband and I were both a little at the end of our knowledge base on coping with our own little personal space being invaded. I loved having her here, and I still miss her on occasion, but it's definitely good to have our home to ourselves.

We've been through a couple pets I think since we last spoke. Warden, our black and tan coonhound, found a new and better home, in my opinion, where he could be trained to hunt. Trained to do what he wanted to do all along, and have a place where he could run around as much as he wanted. He was getting too big and too crazy for us to properly handle. We tried a lot of different things, and they all helped, but in the end the destruction of our home was just too much to handle for us, and we found him a really really wonderful home. It broke both our hearts, but well, we both agree things are better that way.

We've now settled on a cat. He lives upstairs most of the day. He is big, beautiful, and quiet.
Best of all, we got him from our shelter, on a promotion they were putting on to have pets five years and older to be adopted. So he came pre-box trained. Jesus it was nice not to have to deal with that.
He suits our lifestyle, even though my husband claims not to like cats, Clyde seems of course to favor his presence. He listens to me though. So that makes me feel better.

Btw, if you're as obsessed with awesome Clyde kitty pictures as I am, you can always come follow me on instagram, lilhmhw.

I've got some other new big news and changes going on too.
Something large, and in charge.
Which I'm sure is going to take up even more of my dilapidated energy when it comes to online interactions.
But it's also something that I've started wanting to blog about.
To share. To learn. To have that sense of community once again about.
I can finally belong to that elite group of bloggers that I've pined over for so long.
[silly maybe, but true]


Don't mind the toothpaste marks on the mirror, yeah?
God I can never keep those off there.

So yes, I'm 20 weeks along, and let me tell you it's been a freakin rollar coaster!
Ever since I got pregnant my world has been one big surreal bubble.
An exhausting, queasy, mood swingy bubble.
I am still so just...flabbergasted that it happened so easily for us.
We've been trying for three years now, and after three years, a girl starts to look at options.
Look at what it's gonna take to try and get this done.
what sort of tests she's gonna have to take. what sort of procedures she's going to have to endure.
what sort of shots, pills, exams, and embarrassing questions she's going to have to go through.
I had my life planned out that way. Or at least expectations brewing.
So the fact that it just sort of...happened?

And then I had built up this expectation that with the trouble we were having,
I was going to have a complicated pregnancy when I finally managed it,
this smooth sailing breeze of doctors appointments seems...just not even possible.
I'm quite possibly the luckiest woman alive.
Both for being pregnant, and for the fact my husband and entire family are just as excited as I am.
Their support is outstanding and I feel so happy.
Ecstatic. Gleeful. Amazingly Overjoyed.
You between naps.
Boy has my life turned into a lot of naps.
Naps and a quick frenzy of activity directly after naps when I have some iota of energy to accomplish something.
I guess that's just my body preparing me for never having regular sleep again, eh?

Gah I feel like I've been writing forever.
I have so much more to say, but I'm hoping that if I don't say it all right now, that I'll come back again.
Thank you to everyone who takes the time to catch back up with me.
To anyone who still cruises this lonely little blog.
Thank you so much for those of you who've reached these words.
Seriously. It means entirely a lot to me.

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