Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wonderful Date Night Experience

So I have to share with you all, my found again friends, the most amazing date night my husband and I had yesterday. In reality, date "night" is sort of a strong word, as he and I took off about 2 o'clock after dropping sprout off with his grandparents and went about an hour away to the Tri-Cities. [A collection of cities in our area about an hour away, including Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, WA.]

We didn't really have a goal in mind, and in my opinion, that sparks some of the best adventures. We're so used to just puttering around our own town and going to the major stops of supermarket, quickie mart, and home, and it can get exceptionally monotonous. So I'm a huge fan of spicing it up and just going where the wind blows us, so to speak. We always start at usually the same location, that being the main shopping mall, and always at Barnes and Noble. We don't have one in our town, and we're both avid readers, so we love to start and explore the variety that's offered there. Plans for tomorrow, ideas for other projects. They all seem to bloom in the comforting aisles of books. Am I the only one that works for? I used to love going to libraries just for that purpose. Plus it was always quiet, something I love.

So we took to just cruising the mall, and I will say, I was wearing an exceptionally stylish outfit. Which of course, put me in a much better mind frame than any other.

Mall Cruiser

Mall Cruiser by littlehomemadehousewife featuring 3/4 sleeve sweaters

Yes, the shoes hurt after a while, but they actually lasted quite some time. I was proud.

So we went up one side, down another. Just relaxing and cruising, enjoying one another's company without anyone else (save of course the millions of other people in the mall) and no agendas. It was freeing. Completely amazing. We talked about nothing, and browsed through nearly everything. Never really landing on anything we really needed, nor did we even bother buying anything. 

After a while of this, we decided to further exploring. And on a whim, I decided to go to Maurices. Because frankly, that's the only place I buy my clothes anymore. At least locally. Just because they have cute modern young clothes. Something that's hard to come by with all those adjectives. And besides, they offer the sizes above 12. Which is also beneficial. So we had never been to the store over in that area, and had to rely on good ol' phone GPS. But we got there in a relatively painless manner. And...sigh...I fell in love. I'm absolutely in love with the whole geometric/Aztec prints everywhere right now, (keep an eye out because you'll certainly see some more of it soon) combined with the cuts and flattering styles of the seventies. It's just.. I'm heartsick over a bunch of clothing right now. And I couldn't help but by a little something, which I promptly pushed on to go out to dinner afterwards.

Yes. And I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry. I didn't regret it but an instant. Because the whole day my husband had been eyeing me, grinning at me, and patting along my butt. And it only added to it when seeing me preen over my fun comfortable outfit. And I'm glad I changed, because we were going out to dinner next. And while we planned originally on going to Bob's Burgers, it was packed. So we decided to get on our map app and see what was nearby. We picked a local favorite at random and decided to find it.

And we did not regret it...
come back tomorrow for a continuation of our story and a review of one of most awesome home town off the beaten path bbq joints we've ever found.

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